A luge game does not only make kid‘s hearts leap for joy. On the bobsleigh slopes of the Plose fun and excitement for young and old is ensured. You can choose between the 10,5 km long RudiRun luge run, the family luge run from the Rossalm and a sled walk.

RudiRun: 10,5 km of sledding fun The luge run RudiRun with his 10,5 km is an absolute must for all sledding freaks.

RudiRun1 starts at the upper terminus of the Trametsch ski lift. The child-friendly route extends itself over 5,2km.
RudiRun2 starts at the bifurcation to the lower terminus of the Trametsch ski lift, right where RudiRun1 finishes. This second part is a more challenging luge run with great sections. The luge run RudiRun is one of the longest luge runs in all Europe.

Luge run Rossalm – Kreuztal
An pleasant walk of 2,5km to the Rossalm. Total walking hours: 45 minutes.
Approximately from half way you can luge on the way back. Please bring a bobsleigh with you.

Circular bobsleigh walk Kreuztal – Skihütte – Rossalm – Kreuztal
Starting point is the upper terminus of the mountain railway Plose: from here you can walk and luge the 2,5km trail to the Skihütte. A chairlift carries you on and from that terminal in a few minutes you reach the Rossalm, from where you walk or luge back the 2,5 km trail to the upper terminus of the mountain railway.Total walking hours: 2 ½ hours.